Serrada Escrima

The Pure Art of SERRADA ng ESCRIMA
PANGINOONG (Creator) GURO, ANGEL CABALES, known throughout the world as,
“THE FATHER OF ESCRIMA”, introduced Filipino Martial Arts in the United States of America in 1966.

One must know the “FIBERS” of the “FOUNDATION” of Angel’s fighting art which will lead to the training in the Dimensions and Spectrums of the “NUCLEUS” Angel’s Weapons Close Quarter Combat (CQC) fighting art. The Pure Art of SERRADA ng ESCRIMA will train you in Effectiveness in Attack, Efficiency in Blocking, Economy of Movement, Footwork, Torqueing Power (Hips), and Explosion in your weapons fighting art—to be able to Defend and Eliminate any would be Attacker who threatens your Life with a Weapon!

Angel’s weapons fighting art—First and Foremost are ADAPTABLE to any fighting art. He often said, “My fighting style works good with any fighting style—it can adapt and can be used with what you already know!” In other words, no matter what fighting art you know, Angel’s weapons fighting art can be UTILIZED to ENHANCE one’s fighting skill, ability, and knowledge. Training is geared on fighting applications, Attack the body and one must Block!
As a Master Trainer, I have GM Angel’s same curriculum concept—it is all based on what the fighter wants from the Pure Art of Serrada ng Escrima and what skill sets, abilities, and knowledge they bring to the table (training session). Every fighter is different, so training is CUSTOMIZED to their ATTRIBUTES; however, all training goes through First—the “FOUNDATION” and Second “Advance Weapons Training (AWT)”—.

If a practitioner of the fighting arts hungers to truly learn the Purity of Angel’s Weapons Fighting Art, then I prepare the Fighter mentally to understand it takes years of DEDICATION, rigorous, vigorous, blood sweat and tears training and Hermit training in the Pure Art of Serrada ng Escrima, which is Time = Life, to be at the HIGHEST LEVEL in Weapons FIGHTING they want to be.

It begins with the FOUNDATION training—the SOUL and HEARTBEAT and STRUCTURE of Angel’s weapons fighting art. The fighter first learns the proper positioning and execution of the First Five Angles of attack (strikes 1 thru 5) leading into the Cincotero Flow where fluidity in movement and motion is learned. Next is learning the proper positioning and execution of the Six through Twelve Angles of attack (strikes 6 thru 12) which concludes into the DeCadena Flow enhancing fluidity of movement and motion in the 12 Blows. Hard work in hermit-type training must be devoted in order to learn the Twelve Angles of attack and DeCadena Flow meeting the necessary fundamental skills—once the fighter’s execution in the Twelve Angles of attack and DeCadena Flow is learned (i.e. able to perform each strike in any order without hesitation), then the fighter has EARNED to begin learning the Defensive/Offensive Blocking Training. Gaining the knowledge in Angel’s blocking and attacking methods for these 12 angles of attack begins with Set I, which is composed of one block per angle of attack. Blocks are rated based on difficulty in learning, 0 to 10. Zero being easiest to learn and Ten most difficult.

There are three (3) Sets with a total of 36 Blocks and Counter Attacks in the FOUNDATION training:

  • In Set I—most blocks fall in the category of 0 to 3, which involves mostly Pass Blocks concentrating on the 80-20 positioning and Triangle footwork—not difficult to learn but takes commitment and dedication with personal hermit-type training.
  • Set II—most blocks are category 4-6, covering Cross Blocks (unique only to Angel’s weapons fighting art)—the fighter focuses more on detailed body and hand positioning, timing, 45 degree upper body angle, and more emphasis on DeCuerdas (torqueing). In Set II, the fighter is also introduced to the Basic Lock and Block and then Basic Sparring, which continues into Set III.
  • Set III—blocks are considered in the 7-10 category covering Shoulder Block, Gating, and more of Angel’s footwork in defensive and offensive movements are involved (unique only to Angel’s weapons fighting art), however, by the time the fighter begins training in Set III, they have already devoted thousands of hours of training from Set I and II, thus the Mind and Body are in harmony and in learning the blocks and footwork in Set III only takes focus and concentration in developing rhythm and fluidity in execution. At the completion of Set III, the fighter would have learned three blocks per Angle of attack (12 strikes) = 36 blocks, which are incorporated into the Lock and Block and Sparring sessions. Thousands of more hours of hermit-type training are devoted to meet personal satisfaction.

Angel always told me, “Nothing is ever GAINED—unless it is EARNED!” In other words, the more a fighter gives in rigorous, vigorous, blood sweat and tears training in the Pure Art of Serrada ng Escrima, will determine the LEVEL of fighting skill, ability, and knowledge the fighter will have in his “Moment of Truth” (i.e. time when your loved ones or your life is threaten) and will be very transparent in performance and execution—the TRUTH will be EXPOSED.

This is the reason “The FOUNDATION” is the Heartbeat and Structure of Angel’s weapons fighting art. If the fighter has a solid FOUNDATION, then the fighter can build upon this Foundation with Advance Weapons Training or AWT.

AWT is the NUCLEUS of Angel’s Weapons Fighting Art. Everything the fighter gained from the Foundation is further developed in AWT. At this point, there is NO STRUCTURE—-the fighter can now EXPRESS his Defensive and Offensive skills, abilities, and knowledge. Fakes, Picks, Reversing, Sticky Stick, Trapping, Pulling, Jamming, and attacking in movement at all angles training begin. AWT enhances the fighter’s footwork applications which incorporate Circular, Shuffling, Crossover, and Angling cunning skills in footwork (unique to Angel’s fighting style).

Tactics and Strategies in Combative warfare are developed, due to the fact, Angel would say, “In real everything goes, there are no rules when it comes to your life!”—-fighting is geared for one objective: Eliminate the attacker’s life within 3-11 seconds! Angel would tell me, “If you take more than 3-11 seconds, you will give the attacker a chance to kill you!” Remember, Angel’s weapons fighting art is not for Tournament, Ranking, or Prestige—there is no Exercise in hitting stick to stick—it is to Defend Yourself in a Life and Death situation! The Father of Escrima, GM Angel Cabales proved his fighting style in over 100 death matches in the Philippines, and I believe he is a fighter to be reckoned with, respected, and not messed with.

We pray and hope we will never have to fight for our Life during our time on earth, but if our “Moment of Truth” happens then we know within our heart and to God we are ready to ELIMINATE the Evil person from this earth within 3-11 seconds.

The Pure Art of SERRADA ng ESCRIMA is now my path and if a fighter so chooses of his/her own free will to SEEK the PURITY of Angel’s Weapons Fighting Art—I say this;
“As my teacher, Angel Cabales, was willing to teach with his Heart to all fighters wanting to learn his Weapons fighting style through diligent hard training, and Hungry to Understand the Knowledge of Angel’s Weapons fighting art—I will do the same for all fighters who seek Angel’s Truth—through what I have been taught by: “THE FATHER OF ESCRIMA!!!”

Warriors and Practitioners of the Combative Martial Arts that wish to learn from me will know and understand Critical Important Factors:
*I only know Serrada—Angel’s weapons fighting art—
*I only had one Teacher—The Father of Escrima, Grandmaster Angel Cabales—
*Serrada is in my blood—I am FIRST Generation Serrada (FGS)
*I am Pure Serrada—Nothing More, Nothing Less, I know Nothing Else—
*You will learn only the Purity of Serrada—which Angel Cabales drilled in me—training after training, Blood-Sweat-Tears; we both gave of our Lives—Me to Him and HE to his weapons fighting art of Serrada ng Escrima!

Mabuhay ang Serrada ng Escrima! (Long live Serrada ng Escrima, Forever!)
Salamat Grandmaster Angel Cabales ang “Ama ng Escrima” para sa pagsasanay sa akin sa iyong kumpletong purong mga armas aaway sining at pinakamahalagang pagbubuo ako sa isang Escrimador nagkakaroon ng parehong silakbo ng damdamin at magandang puso sa buhay tulad mo, mula sa ibaba ng aking puso!
(Thank you Grandmaster Angel Cabales the “Father of Escrima” for training me in your complete pure weapons fighting art and most important developing me into an Escrimador having the same passion and good heart in LIFE just like you, from the bottom of my Heart!)

Peace be with you all my Brother and Sister Warriors through our Lord Jesus Christ!
God Bless!

JC Cabiero, Escrimador—-FGS (First Generation Serrada)

Ako ay magiging laban para mabuhay, mabuhay ako para malaman upang labanan =
I will fight to Live, I Live to learn to fight

I want all my students to learn and become better than me!

I've always been the warrior type, I will train until I pass-out. I've always been that way!

I care about my students more than I do their money.

I expect all my students to be honest, helpful and respectful.

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Conquer or die!

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